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G.D.SAWANT SENIOR & SHRI SIDDHIVINAYAK JUNIOR ARTS, COMMERCE, SCIENCE & B.C.S COLLEGE, Nashik 10. The college follows the curricula designed by the University bodies and executes them as per the guidelines. The College is committed to achieve the educational, cultural, social and economic needs of rural and hilly area and the nation to create a civilized society. The motto of G.D. Sawant College is The Sanskrit phrase 'विश्वजीवनामृतं ज्ञानम्' meaning 'Knowledge is the nectar of life'



Youth being at the centre stage in reference to building a strong Nation, it imperative to bring young population from all strata of society to the institutions imparting higher education.



To meet the needs of diverse education profile of families to which our student population belong, we strive to create environment on our campus, to enhance academic achievement and attain personal and professional growth, through continued cooperation between students, staff and parents to induce students and staff to articulate behavioral pattern to enable them to succeed in ever-changing world, we stress upon the comprehensive development moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical.



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